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Brass Casings- Why Shooters Demanding Accuracy and Value Get Them at Ed's Brass and Reloaders

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Here's the link to order or look at the full selection of reloading brass from Ed's Brass and Reloaders.

reloading brass

Above- Cleaned and polished, some 223 brass that's ready to ship.

Click the image above to see this and other once-fired brass.



Dillon RL 550B reloading machine


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Here's Why . . . .

1) The once fired brass casings we sell are all about accuracy, which to us means they have to be clean and shiny too. (Many won't go through the extra step.)

2) Shooters know us for our low prices and solid reputation going more than 30 years back. (Way before the Internet brought many with less experience.)

3) All of our Dillon reloaders come with a "No-BS" lifetime warranty, and we offer a rebate on them giving you a hard-to-find price advantage. 

4) We're all about satisfaction - giving you a great deal with accurate products and reloading supplies you can count on.

That's why our customers return again and again. 

308 brass once fired

Above-100 rounds of once fired 308 brass. If for any reason you aren't satisfied, return for refund of purchase price.


Below- Start with thoroughly cleaned used casings that work like new, such as this bag of once fired 45 acp brass. 

(Click pic below)

45 acp brass once fired


We also carry the full line of Dillon accessories and reloaders. which come with Dillon's lifetime "No-BS" guarantee, and they mean it!